About very kerrie styled stock photography

Hey! I’m Kerrie, and I create styled stock photos for bloggers and creatives as a branding solution. My specialty is macro photography, or photos that get very close-up to the subject. I love seeing high detail through my lenses. 

One of the things I noticed while doing testing with Pinterest was that my pins with close-ups of objects performed better than generic flat lays. It’s because of this that I started snapping my own photos to create more stock for my blog and other brands. 

I love that you get to experience a glimpse of my days and life through the lens. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed the time spent taking them.

Kerrie Legend

intriguing photos & mockups

If you’re looking for more intriguing photos that stand out from the rest, along with close-up images, you’re in the right place! Did you know that people tend to pause and reflect more with macro images? Get started with your membership today!

Desktop, Tech Devices
Food Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

There are over 52 collections planned for 2022, and 14 collections are already uploaded. You'll have 600+ photos  access to instantly. Collections include food, florals, desktop flatlays, macro images, and curated scene photography. 50 new images are added each week for members.

You can freely use the images for social media, your blog, website, blog banners, website elements, Instagram feeds, Pinterest, and more. Images can not be used in products for sale where the primary focus is the photograph itself (i.e., tumblers, desktop backgrounds, templates, done-for-you image services, etc.)

Photos are displayed in both horizontal and vertical frames. Resolution is 600 ppi.

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